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Friday, 23 December 2011

June's Memories of the Landywood Great Stones

Another of Great Wyrley's older residents has come forward to share her memories of the Landywood Great Stones. I am enjoying this trend, as oral history is invaluable in piecing together all these clues.

Like Mr Wiggin, June has lived in Great Wyrley all of her life. She enjoys a tipple in Harrisons Club, in Wharwell Lane, where she bumped into my father. He asked her if she recalled where the Great Stones once stood, and she did.

June told him that the larger stone, which currently sits outside Landywood Enterprise Park, was once opposite the school. She described a grassy island in which the stone stood alone. It surprised her to hear that there had been others too.

Her recollections dated from the 1940s. She said that, as the end of World War II was announced, the people of Wyrley gathered close to the lone Landywood Great Stone. They built a bonfire to celebrate and spent the night dancing in its light. There was a lovely party, born of relief and the end of the fighting.

June's memory of the stone chimes with that of Mr Wiggin. He had previously told my mother that 'they were opposite where Landywood Primary School now sits'. The only difference being that Mr Wiggin spoke of multiple stones, while June recalled just one.

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The view outside Landywood Primary School

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