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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Welcome to my Blog

I'm no stranger to blogging, but it's usually been within a theme.    My Runescape blog received its 200,000th hit this morning; my Mexico blog logged its 100,000th unique visitor last week; my witchcraft blog died along with the website it was hosted on, when the recession hit and none of us could afford to renew the hosting server.   I've never really had one which is a lucky dip.

A blog where whatever comes to mind is what I'll write about.   My interests are many and various and so are my passions; though one does stand head and shoulders above the rest.   I love writing.   I love crafting words that create a mood; the drama-fest of fiction; the staid, pointed dryness of academia; the loud, exclaimation marked sensation of journalism; the melodies and symphonies of poetry.   I love how the words you choose, and the placement of them, can mean so many different things.   It's art.

So welcome to my lucky dip blog - a place to practice writing; weaving word moods and story-based tapestries.   I hope.   Or it could just be another wall of text on the internet.  We'll see.

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