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Friday, 5 August 2011

Novie Grooves Anime Style in 'Funk 3'

Novie is one of the nicest celebrities that you will ever encounter. She is a singer, with a new track called 'Funk 3' out right now; but Novie is perhaps better known as an actress. Canadian fans know her best of all. She is the voice of LeShawna in the 'Total Drama' series; and Jackie in 'Cyberchase'. But before I tell you how I know she's a lovely person, let me show you that new single.

The one and only Novie with 'Funk 3'!

Over on MangaBullet, a friend and I had just been given joint custody of a Mello and Matt/Death Note related club, while the previous owner discovered she had a life. We didn't, so it all worked out. LOL Xizarx and I kicked around ideas about what we could bring to the party. We decided that we would try to track down one of the original Death Note voice actors and interview him/her. Top of the list were David Hurwitz (Mello) and Drew Nelson (Matt) for obvious reasons.

The trouble was that no amount of running their names through search engines brought us anywhere close to either gentleman's contact details. There was no way we could beg an interview, if we couldn't even find them.

But there was one lady out there who knew precisely where to locate Drew Nelson. After working with him on two shows, Novie Edwards was a close friend. During our hunt, I undercovered a YouTube video, where Novie had interviewed him herself. I ventured a PM to her and the response came back within just a few hours. She was happy to put us in touch.

Novie came through! The interview with Drew Nelson happened and, not only our club, but the entire of MangaBullet were involved. We were featured on the front page! Exciting times. Novie read it and PMed me again to congratulate us on a great interview. She's an extremely down to Earth and enthusiastic person, who was even kind enough to nip onto Drew's Facebook page and comment on his posting of the link there. The 'Total Drama' fans were in raptures.

Therefore, I'm only too happy to oblige in letting all of my friends know about 'Funk 3'. She PMed me to tell me that it was out and that sounds like a blog entry to me!

I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. that is one cool video there. samurai ninja with chibi kids.

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  2. I agree. Novie is quite wonderful. :D